Architectural Language

The Language of Highgate Wine Estate.

The Architectural Language of Highgate Wine Estate will base its principals on Kwa-Zulu Natal Farm style Vineyard forms, which superbly compliment the climate of the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands and the ethos of Wine Estate Country Living.

Architectural Objectives:
The Estate principal guidelines provide the parameters for ensuring the overall development has a consistent architectural and landscaping language. Integration of forms in local and historic surroundings and climate are intrinsic in this process.
The Estate aims to produce exceptional architecture of individual expression with a range of traditional but contemporary Kwa-Zulu Natal Farm style forms which express the viticultural ethos of the Estate.

Form and Scale:
Concordance with climate and landscape should be clearly evident in the use of form and materials, with the deep Verandahs informing the principal shape of the structure which will blend with the screens, gentle roof pitches, low scale spaces and courtyards, should aim to enhance the site with minimal visual or physical disruption. The design is to take cognisance of the historic precedent of the KwaZulu-Natal Farm style ethos.

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