Frequently Asked Questions

These Questions and Answers have been compiled to act as a guide to individuals who are considering acquiring Real Estate within the Highgate Residential Wine Estate, it does not override anything contained in the Homeowners Association Rules nor in any Sale Agreement relating to the purchase of a unit on the Estate.

Q1. What is Highgate Residential Wine Estate?
A1. Highgate is a freehold Country Lifestyle Residential Wine Estate situated in the Natal Midlands on the very popular Midlands Meander route. It is 10 minutes from Howick, 20 minutes from Pietermaritzburg, 65 minutes from Durban and 4 hours from Johannesburg. The Estate will offer an unparalled Country Lifestyle within a working wine estate, with magnificent views over the Inhslosane Mountains, the Dargle valley and surrounding countryside. Highgate will feature a Boutique Hotel, a Commercial and Craft Village with a Coffee shop and Restaurant as well as a working Wine Cellar as separate amenities. The Estate Questions and Answers will also offer other amenities such as walking and cycling trails as well as stabling and show jumping facilities within the Estate precinct.

Q2. What is the size of the Estate and how many stands will there be?
A2. The Estate is 58 ha in extent and will have 26 Freehold stands for residential development with its own Homeowners Association.

Q3. How will Highgate Residential Estate be managed, will there be Resident participation?
A3. Yes, the residents will participate in the management of the Residential Estate. In this regard a Homeowners Association, taking the form of a section 21 company has been incorporated and each homeowner will be required to be a member of the HOA. The HOA will be responsible for the management of the Residential Estate once the development is complete.

Q4. When will the HOA be formed?
A4. The Articles of Association have been drafted and will be finalised prior to the transfer of the first subdivision on the Estate.

Who is the Developer?
A5. The Developer is The Kassier Highgate Family Trust, represented by Rudi Kassier the Developer.

Q6. What security and safety precautions will be provided?
A6. Highgate Residential Estate will be a secure gated estate with vehicle access controlled by a gatehouse to be manned 24 hours a day. A computerised electrified fence will be erected along the entire perimeter of the Residential Estate, a tag entry system will be utilised with CCTV cameras at the gatehouse.

Q7. Are Pets permitted?
A7. Yes, pets will be permitted under strictly controlled conditions as set out in the HOA rules.

Q8. Is there a levy stabilization fund and what is the contribution?
A8. Yes, All purchasers of property on the Estate shall be required to make a contribution to the levy stabilization fund of the HOA. At present this amount is R20,000.00, and must be paid on registration of the property.

Q9. What levies are payable to the HOA and what do they include?
A9. A levy based on the participation quota (PQ) of your property is payable monthly to the HOA which will include Estate maintenance, security and private conservation area maintenance.

Q10. Are live in domestic maids permitted?
A10. No, all domestic staff will be only be admitted to the Estate on a daily basis and will be required to be registered with the HOA, who will issue a identity card to each domestic worker to allow them access.

Q11. Does Highgate Estate incorporate an Architectural language theme?
A11. Yes, Architectural guidelines will be available from the Architect appointed by the Developer.

Q12. Is there a time related building clause for building on the Estate?
A12. Yes, construction of homes must commence within Thirty six months of registration of the land taking place, and be completed within 12 months thereafter.

Q13. Will I be able to have my own private swimming pool?
A13. Yes, subject to approval of plans by the HOA.

Q14. Can homes be bought as an investment and rented out?
A14. Yes, subject to HOA rules.

Q15. To what extent will the latest technology be used at Highgate?
A15. The latest technology will be used wherever possible at Highgate. Green eco friendly technology will also be used such as Solar heating, Heat pumps and gas appliances will be encouraged.

Q16. I am a keen gardener will I be able to develop my own garden?
A16. Yes provided the garden falls within your site footprint area. The planting of indigenous plants is strongly encouraged, however a limited number of exotic plants and shrubs are acceptable provided they are not invasive. All owners will be encouraged to plant at least three indigenous trees on their site. A list of indigenous and acceptable exotic plants will become available when transfers first commence.

Q17. What outgoings are not covered by the standard levy?
A17. Rates, water and electricity consumption within each unit are not covered by the standard levy.

Q18. Is joint ownership possible?
A18. Co-ownership is possible either in the form of coownership by individuals, or in the form of Corporate ownership subject to the articles of the HOA and any
rules enforced by them.

Q19. How will building activities be controlled?
A19. In addition to the mandatory submissions and inspection of building plans by the Municipality, The Highgate HOA requires all owners to submit their building plans to its Architectural Review Committee for approval prior to submission to the Municipality. Building and Architectural guidelines will be available from the Sales centre. A building control officer will be employed by the HOA to ensure that buildings are constructed according to the approved plans.

Q20. Will I be able to appoint my own builder?
A20. The Developer will appoint two competent builders who will be allowed quote on constructing the homes under the control of the Highgate HOA Building Review Committee.